Neymar Watches Review

Neymar watches review

Imagine putting self-winding, diving and Neymar in the same sentence and not meaning one of the world’s most famous footballers. Nonetheless, all of the above is true and relates to one of the up-and-coming budget brands in the watchmaking industry, specializing mostly in budget diving watches. This Neymar watches review will paint a clearer picture … Read more

Lige Watches Review: Who Makes Them & Are They Quality?

Lige Watches Review - main image

Since the launch of e-commerce websites that connect the so-called western world with Chinese retailers (ie. Aliexpress), many industries – especially fashion – have seen a plethora of new brands come to the surface. Although it’s only fair to admit that the standard offered by most is questionable, there are some that provide good value … Read more

Mathey Tissot Review: Are the Watches Any Good?

Mathey-Tissot review

The list of brands producing quality Swiss-made watches is quite long and still expanding. More often than not, the biggest stumbling block we come across when trying to get a proper Swiss timepiece is the price. Although quality and higher cost usually go in pair, there are many Swiss-made wristwatches that come at Entry Level … Read more