Where Are Armitron Watches Made in 2023?

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Since its foundation in 1956, Armitron has been successfully designing and manufacturing watches for men, women and children. Today, Armitron is one of the most recognized watch brands in the United States but their watches are also highly appreciated outside the US.

Armitron’s product line includes sport, dress and casual watches in metal, leather and resin strap styles.

Despite looking good and enjoying a lot of attention, Armitron timepieces are still one of the most affordable watch brands on the market, with the majority of their watches priced way below $50.

With such bargain-basement pricing, you might be wondering: where are Armitron watches made?

Are the timepieces made in the brand’s headquarters in New York City or some much more cost-friendly country overseas?

Let’s find out.

Where Are Armitron Watches Made?

It’s no wonder that looking at the average price of an Armitron watch, you wonder: are Armitron watches made in China?

While the Chinese watch market and product quality have made massive strides in recent years, there’s still some stigma when it comes to “made in China” goods, and that is especially true for watches.

Whereas the vast majority of Armitron watch models are still designed in the United States, the manufacturing process for most of their watches takes place in China.

However, considering the price sector in which the brand operates, it’s hardly a surprise and not something that should be frowned upon. It’s not unusual for brands that price their watches a lot higher than Armitron to also get their watches made in China.

The reasoning behind this is simple: it’s just a lot cheaper to manufacture goods in China. The country has become the world’s leading manufacturer for a reason. And brands like Armitron who offer their products at bargain-basement price points, have no other choice but to get their watches made in China if they want to stay competitive.

Armitron does have some manufacturing taking place outside of China as well, with some of their stainless steel watch models being made in Hong Kong while their resin strap watches are manufactured in Thailand.

With that said, it’s important to note that Armitron only assembles its timepieces in Chinese factories. When it comes to watch movements, the brand uses exclusively Japanese-made calibers which are one of the most reliable around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have answered the question on the origin of Armitron watches, it’s time to take a look at some of the other frequently asked questions about the brand.

Are Armitron watches good?

It’s only fair to say that Armitron is a low-budget brand that offers decent quality watches for the money.

With that said, you shouldn’t expect the same level of quality that you would get from a high-end watch brand that charges several hundred dollars or even more for a single timepiece. For example, the G-Shock line by Casio which is seen as one of Armitron’s main competitors when it comes to sporty timepieces, offers a much better quality overall but the price tags are significantly higher as well.

How long does an Armitron watch last?

With proper care, an Armitron watch can last you for many years. The brand offers a wide range of different watch materials and designs which means that there’s an Armitron timepiece out there for everyone.

The most important thing when it comes to the longevity of your watch is to make sure that you take care of it. This means that you should avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, deep water or harsh chemicals and that you should service it regularly (if it’s an automatic model).

Armitron vs Casio – which is better?

There’s next to zero doubt that the Japanese watchmaker Casio is the king when it comes to sports and outdoor watches. The brand offers much higher quality timepieces than Armitron, but the price tags are also significantly higher.

With that said, if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for a decent-quality sports watch, then Armitron is definitely a brand worth considering. If you want to read a detailed comparison of the two brands, you can do so by clicking here.

Is Armitron waterproof?

No watch invented to this day can be considered entirely waterproof. However, most watches on the market, including Armitron watches, are water-resistant which means they can withstand accidental splashes of water or rain but shouldn’t be submerged in water for too long.

Armitron offers different levels of water resistance depending on the model with some of their watches being able to withstand depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet) while others can only handle a few splashes of water.

When it comes to dive watches, Armitron’s Aquabeat is one of the brand’s most popular models and is water-resistant up to 200m.

Are Armitron watches real gold?

No, none of Armitron’s watches are made of real gold. The brand offers a wide range of different materials and designs, but all of its watches are plated with either gold or silver.

If you’re looking for a watch that’s made of solid gold, you’ll need to look at more refined brands such as Bulova, Citizen or Seiko.

Is the Armitron watch movement reliable?

Yes, the brand exclusively uses Japanese-made watch movements which are some of the most reliable around. Armitron watches are battery-powered (quartz movement) with the exception of a few automatic models.

The brand’s Japanese quartz movements are known for their accuracy and reliability which is why an Armitron watch is a great choice if you’re looking for a timepiece that you can rely on without breaking the bank.

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