Where Are Nixon Watches Made in 2023?

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There’s next to zero doubt that Nixon is one of the most popular American watch brands these days.

The “rise to fame” of Nixon watches is even more impressive considering its relatively short time in the industry. The company was only founded in 1997, but it has already made a big name for itself among watch enthusiasts due to its original designs and affordability.

Since Nixon’s timepieces oscillate in the low-to-mid price basket and most of the time look way above their moderate price tags, many people wonder: where are Nixon watches made?

Are they manufactured in the United States or perhaps in some other country?

Let’s dive in.

Where Are Nixon Watches Made?

The answer, unfortunately, is not that straightforward. Nixon does not openly advertise where its watches are made and the company’s website is also vague on this matter.

However, after a bit of digging, we were able to find out that most Nixon watches are assembled in China.

As paralyzing as this may sound for some, in reality, this is a normal procedure amongst all watchmakers in this price range. Nixon is not the only watch company that outsources the assembly of its timepieces to China. In fact, many other popular brands do the same thing, including more established brands such as Orient, Seiko, and Citizen.

The main reason why so many watch companies have their watches assembled in China is due to the lower labor costs. This allows them to keep the prices of their products down, which is good for business.

Of course, there are some downsides to having watches made in China. For example, quality control might not be as rigorous as it is in Switzerland or Japan.

However, Nixon seems to be doing a good job in this department as most of its customers seem to be happy with the quality of the brand’s products.

What’s also crucial to note, only watch parts such as cases, bracelets and crystals are manufactured in China. The most integral part of any Nixon watch, the movement, is sourced from two leading markets in this department – Japan and Switzerland. These two countries are known for making some of the most accurate and reliable watch movements in the world. So, even though the assembly might take place in China, Nixon watches are still powered by high-quality movements.

In short, Nixon watches are made in China, but they use parts sourced from various countries, including Switzerland. The company does a good job with quality control, which is likely one of the reasons why its products are so popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have settled the main question – where are Nixon watches made? – it’s time to answer some of the most frequently asked queries about this brand.

Are Nixon watches American made?

As we have already mentioned, Nixon is an American company, but its watches are not made in the United States.

Are Nixon watches made in China?

Yes, most of Nixon’s timepieces are assembled in China using parts sourced from various countries.

Is Nixon a good watch brand?

Nixon is definitely a good watch brand. It’s one of the most popular American watch companies and its products are known for their original designs, affordability, and durability.

Is Nixon a luxury brand?

No, Nixon is not a luxury brand, but it’s still considered to be a good value watchmaker. The company produces high-quality timepieces that come with original designs. Even though they are not as expensive as watches made by luxury brands, they are still pricier than the average “fashion watch.”

Are Nixon watches Swiss?

No, Nixon watches are not Swiss. The brand is American, but it uses Swiss movements in some of its watch models (mostly quartz).

What are Nixon watches made of?

The materials used for Nixon watches vary depending on the model. However, the most common ones are stainless steel, titanium, leather, and nylon. When it comes to the dial window, the most frequent choice is mineral crystal.

How long do Nixon watches last?

Nixon watches are generally very durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they can last for many years. Of course, the lifespan of a Nixon watch also depends on the model as some are made to be more rugged than others.

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