Agelocer Watches Review (The Ultimate Brand Analysis)

🕑  Last Updated: October 11, 2022

There’s no point arguing the fact that Swiss timepieces are still the benchmark of excellence when it comes to watchmaking.

Nowadays, what most aficionados love about the Swiss watch industry is that it doesn’t discriminate against folks who aren’t willing to shell out five-figure sums on Rolexes, Omegas, and Patek Philippes.

Many brands that are well-known in the community, such as Tissot, Glycine or Victorinox, offer excellent value at price points affordable for most.

Then we also have names that aren’t so mainstream and yet are considered hidden gems. One brand that’s apparently paying homage to the rich tradition of Swiss watchmaking is Agelocer.

With that said, you have to dig really deep to find a great deal of information about the up-and-coming watchmaker.

Which is the first red flag.

Whether the hype is warranted or company-driven, remains to be seen.

Therefore, in today’s Agelocer watches review, we will have a close look at the brand’s background, style and, most importantly, the quality it offers.

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Agelocer History & Background

Try as we might, digging up some substantial information on the brand is really difficult.

What we do know for sure, Agelocer was founded in 2013 which makes it one of the youngest watchmakers to be reviewed on our website.

The company has certainly been marketing aggressively, with tens of press releases plastered on tech and fashion portals, most frequently on Asian markets.

While the brand’s official website states that the watches are Swiss-made, it’s not necessarily true.

Most of the news articles, press releases and user reviews state that Agelocer should be considered a Chinese brand on a mission to change the not-so-positive perception of Chinese-made mechanical watches.

Some watch enthusiasts seem to think that Agelocer is another so-called mushroom brand. In other words, a watchmaker is listed on all the major marketplaces and will enjoy a lot of buzz on the web before completely disappearing from the picture.

Whether that assumption is on point or a tad too harsh, we are likely to find out in the next few years.

Nevertheless, Agelocer prides itself on being one of the most active players when it comes to mechanical movement research and development in China. Hence, the vast majority of their timepieces are self-wound, a trait that is usually appreciated by watch dorks.

Agelocer is also quite vocal about the quality and uniqueness of the design offered by its watches. To give creative assistance to the brand, the designer team is made up of worldwide freelance designers and exceptional design studios, including the Swiss-located Bug Me studio.

Agelocer watch design, which many wearers think is its strongest point, actually has enjoyed some international recognition. For example, it won the London Design Award in 2020 with the BigBang watch model.

The brand certainly splits opinions.

However, let’s not be too prejudical here, and let’s actually look at what’s on offer in terms of craftsmanship.

Are Agelocer Watches Any Good?

The best way to evaluate a watch brand is to see how it fares against competitors in the same price category.

Does it offer good, excellent, or disappointing value for money?

Agelocer, despite still being a fairly anonymous brand, should be considered a mid-budget watchmaker.

You will do well to find any of the models listed for anything less than $400 which isn’t a bank-breaking price tag yet but it’s far from a bargain either.

So, does the brand have anything to show for the relatively high prices?

Let’s find out.


As pointed out earlier in the article, Ageloce’s strongest selling point is the head-turning design the vast majority of these watches boast.

In its short history, the brand has been putting a lot of attention on making sure the watches easily catch the attention of the potential buyer.

Having their own design team as well as working with independent freelance designers, Agelocer is able to come up with tens of unique-looking timepieces every year.

In fact, the company has received a few awards for its work in this field already.

If we were to briefly categorize the style offered by Agelocer timepieces, it mostly oscillates in the dressy spectrum. The watches are elegant, sometimes a bit futuristic but never too flashy.

We will have a closer look at some of the most popular Agelocer watches further down the article.


Having all the looks in the world means very little if a timepiece isn’t well constructed and built from robust and long-lasting materials.

And considering the pricing of Agelocer watches, we’re entitled to expect a pretty solid construction.


A dial window is by far the most damage-prone party of any watch. A cracked glass doesn’t only look bad but it can lead to serious (often irreversible) damage to the movement.

Luckily, Agelocer is completely on point in this aspect.

All watch models, whether situated at the lower or higher end of the pricing table, use sapphire crystal. Sapphire is the most desired type of all watch crystals, and is utilized by all the top-end players of the industry, such as Rolex, Omega or Breitling.

What’s more, many of the sapphires installed in Agelocer timepieces come with an anti-reflective coating which massively improves legibility. So transparent is the crystal that at times you might forget it’s even there!


Agelocer watches nearly exclusively use stainless steel cases which are an industry-standard choice because of their robustness excellent anti-corrosion properties.

We say nearly because there is a single model that utilizes a casing made of sapphire.

Yes, you read that right – the same type of sapphire that’s used with the glass.

The model in question here belongs to Agelocer’s Tourbillon series which is, quite understandably, by far the most expensive. The Sapphire Tourbillon watch (view it here) will set you back a whopping $6,500.

Crucially, many models come with screw-down casebacks which is a major bonus as far as protection against water damage is concerned.


Since the foundation, Agelocer has been staying loyal to its mission of focusing on extremely elegant timepieces.

Hence, a lion’s share of watches uses either stainless steel bracelets or leather straps.

Durability-wise, there’s no better option than stainless steel.

However, the elegance of the leather strap is a major pull for many. Bear in mind that these wear off much quicker, especially when worn daily.

There’s also a small portion of watches with silicone bands for those who prefer a bit more laid-back, sporty-approaching look.


For the most part, Agelocer models are dress watches so you shouldn’t expect them to offer God-knows-how-high waterproofing standards.

They’re certainly a far cry from dive watches.

With that said, the brand offers respectable water-resistant ratings with all timepieces.

Basically, all models we’ve come across offer a 5ATM (50m) water resistance which means they’re safe companions during short swimming sessions.

Agelocer Warranty

The brand offers a 2-year international warranty on all watches purchased from their official website or authorized retailers.

Quite frankly, it’s a very popular duration amongst many watchmakers operating in the same price basket.

Naturally, the guarantee period covers only defects related to the workmanship and not any damage caused by your own negligence.


Unsurprisingly, the biggest talking point of Agelocer watches is the movements.

Do they deliver the standard and performance you’d expect from watches that can set you back anywhere between $400 to $6000?

In short, not really.

The brand’s biggest critics have a valid point that you can get much more reliable and accurate calibers at similar price points from watchmakers that have been around for way longer and inspire more trust.

Agelocer offers watches with both quartz and mechanical movements although the latter are in the vast majority.

Despite the fact that the brand advertises its watches as “presenting the pursuit of excellence of Swiss watchmaking”, it’s quite a distortion of reality.

Only quartz watches come with Swiss-made movements and these won’t take your breath away either.

The Swiss quartz calibers utilized by Agelocer can be found in watches at half the price – or less.

And then there’s the never-ending debate on the reliability of mechanical movements that are manufactured exclusively in China.

Mechanical calibers are one for aficionados and need to be well-made to last years and deliver accurate time. There are doubts about whether Agelocer is up to the task.

Agelocer Watch Collections

At the time of writing, there are 15 collections you can pick from.

Going through all of them would take too much time (many are very similar in terms of style anyway), so we’ve picked best-selling models from 5 popular lines.

Agelocer Astronomer

Probably the collection Agelocer is mostly known for.

It consists of four watch models – two for men and two for women. The one you see below is the black leather strap version for men.

Interestingly, the models for men are running on Chinese mechanical movements while the equivalents for ladies utilize Swiss quartz calibers.

Astronomer’s biggest selling point is the inclusion of the Moon Phase dial with a head-turning panoramic design.

The sun, moon, and stars inspired this piece, which recreates the everlasting interaction between celestial occurrences and time. The stars twinkle in the night sky of the blue galaxy, the moon phases on the wrist change with the passage of time, and the beautiful moon cycles from fullness to fading.

What’s worth noting, the caseback of this model is transparent, allowing you to peek at the intricate workings of the mechanical movement.

Agelocer Bosch

No, the collection has nothing to do with the German manufacturer of home appliances – despite the name!

Timepieces in this line are referred to as skeleton watches because of their transparent dial.

Whilst Astronomer timepieces have only see-through casebacks, all watches in the Bosch collection are equally transparent at the front and at the back.

This collection consists of 4 watch models made exclusively for men.

Apart from the all-stainless steel silver timepiece you see below, there is additionally a rose-gold stainless steel model, as well as versions with leather straps – either brown or black.

Agelocer BigBang II

If you’re into watches with rectangular cases, the BigBang II collection (or the predecessor – BigBang) is probably your best bet.

Note: it’s another Agelocer collection designed strictly for men.

The BigBang is also arguably the line with the most adventurous, some might say futuristic look. In fact, the BigBang design approach has scooped 3 international awards.

The screaming engine, rushing sports car, and staggered track are all design influences for the BigBang collection which embody the spirit of adventure and desire.

The dial isn’t like any other you’ve seen before. To produce a dynamic mechanical dial with a multi-layer structure, the features of a sports car dashboard are merged with the time scale.

The BigBang 2 series consists of 5 men’s watches that differ solely by the choice of colors used with the leather straps, cases, and elements on the face.

Agelocer Codex

Another rectangular-shaped collection that certainly deserves a mention is Codex.

The line consists of watches for both men and women although it’s the ladies’ portion that grabs our attention the most.

This is because the shape of the case makes the models resemble the iconic Cartier Tank watch a lot.

All watches in the collection, whether for men or women, come with leather straps. Because of the extremely elegant look, they’re the epitome of dress watches, really.

Interestingly, men’s models are powered by Chinese mechanical movement whereas women’s models all run on Swiss quartz calibers.

Agelocer Universal

Closing the list of best Agelocer watches is another men-exclusive line – Universal Time.

The collection is made up of 4 leather strap models that differ in terms of the color of their stainless steel cases.

All models utilize Chinese automatic movements with a fairly impressive 80-hour power reserve.

The biggest standout feature of these watches is the massive globe located in the heart of the face.

The time difference circle and time zone city circle on the Universal Time series of watches may show the time difference between 24 time zones and the current time zone.

Some people mistake the collection for GMT timepieces which it is not.

Where Are Agelocer Watches Made?

We understand that although some Agelocer watches are advertised as Swiss-made, all models are assembled and manufactured in China.

As alarming as that might sound for some people, it’s hardly an unusual practice even amongst more recognized watchmakers, such as Vincero, Invicta or Stuhrling.

How Much Are Agelocer Watches?

For a microbrand, we have to admit that Agelocer watches aren’t the cheapest.

The fact that it’s really difficult to find these watches for anything less than $400 suggests we’re dealing with a mid-budget watchmaker.

The vast majority of timepieces oscillate in the $400-$800 price basket although some models can set you back around $1,000.

In fact, the Tourbillon series costs between $1,000 and as much as $6,500, with the highest-priced model being the Limited Edition timepiece with a sapphire crystal case.

Where to Buy Agelocer Watches?

Agelocer is a watchmaker that sells exclusively online.

The good news is, the brand is not that popular (yet) for you to worry about spending money on a counterfeit watch. As far as we’re aware, these don’t exist.

When looking for watches online, the first obvious choice is the Agelocer official store. Naturally, it has the biggest number of models to pick from and you have a 100% guarantee of getting a brand-new product with a warranty card.

Popular marketplaces like Amazon or eBay are also flooded with Agelocer watches. The former has the best deals on new models while the latter allows you to purchase pre-owned timepieces even at 30% of the original price.

The brand is also listed on Aliexpress.

Agelocer Watches Review: Conclusion

Are Agelocer watches any good? Summary

If you’ve been hesitant to go ahead with the purchase of your first Agelocer watch, we hope that now it’s easier to decide whether the brand is worth your money.

To sum up the Agelocer review, we can totally understand the mixed feelings regarding the watchmaker amongst watch enthusiasts.

On one hand, we’re dealing with a microbrand so the expectations should be realistic and toned.

On the other, the pricing of the lion’s share of Agelocer watches entitles us to expect good-to-very-good quality.

There’s no denying that Agelocer watches do look outstanding.

If you’re looking for an elegant, unique-looking timepiece that will get you many compliments, you might well be super happy with the purchase. That can be especially true if you love Moon Phase timepieces or those with transparent dials.

Quite frankly, there’s also not much to point a finger at in terms of the quality of materials used with these watches.

A major plus is the fact that all watch models utilize the most scratch-resistant glass in the form of sapphire crystal.

Also, when it comes to dress watches, water resistance is hardly a given. Hence, the timepieces being water-resistant up to 50m also goes a long way in protecting longevity.

The biggest issue we have with Agelocer watches (considering the prices) is the quality of the movements.

The timepieces are often advertised as Swiss-made but in fact, they’re more Chinese than Swiss.

An Agelocer watch made in China isn’t the end of the world yet. Many much more renowned brands use the country for manufacturing to keep the costs down.

However, all mechanical models (whether automatic or manually wound) utilize Chinese movements which a) aren’t the most respected and b) don’t really warranty these price tags.

Watches that are indeed Swiss-made are all battery-powered and indeed use Swiss calibers. However, these aren’t very complex and can be found in brands cheaper than Agelocer.

So, is Agelocer a good watch brand for you?

This will depend on your priorities.

If you’re looking for beautiful, unique, well-constructed watches and are willing to give Chinese mechanical calibers a chance, go for it.

On the other hand, if you’re after top-end accuracy and guaranteed longevity of the movements, looking elsewhere might be a better option. In this case, you might want to check out Japanese watchmakers such as Seiko, Citizen or Orient.

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