Daniel Steiger Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good or Junk?)

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If you’re familiar with the term “microbrand”, you’re probably aware that there’s sometimes incredible value to be found with less-known watchmakers.

Some quality brands that instantly spring to our minds include AVI-8, Torgoen or Philip Stein.

However, as much as there’s a chance of coming across a hidden gem, the possibility of spending your hard-earned cash on a timepiece that won’t get past the first year of use is just as big – if not bigger.

With each year, the number of microbrands is constantly rising. Many watch enthusiasts-turned-entrepreneurs are lured by the easiness of reaching first customers, with popular marketplaces such as Amazon opening freshly-founded watchmakers with open arms.

Lately, one of such brands that seem to be scoring a fair amount of positive reviews is Daniel Steiger.

Whereas digging up information on microbrands can be sometimes a challenge, we did our best. Hence, today’s Daniel Steiger watches review should go a long way in helping you decide whether the brand is worth a try.

As usual with brand reviews on our site, we start out by looking at the brand’s history before proceeding to evaluate the quality of these watches.

Alternatively, pick any of the topics listed in the Table of Contents below.

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Daniel Steiger History & Background

The history section of Daniel Steiger is arguably the shortest we’ve covered on Timepieceking so far.

There are two reasons for this: it’s a really young brand (DS timepieces have been around for just over a decade) and it’s basically impossible to find any substantial information on the background of the company on the web.

What we know for a fact is that Daniel Steiger watches are entirely manufactured by Timepieces International, formerly known as Timepiece USA.

As you have probably guessed from the name, it’s an American watch manufacturer. The company has been around since 1996 and has its HQs in Florida.

The brand manufactures watches for both men and women although the number of men’s models is considerably bigger.

However, timepieces aren’t the only category of products offered under the Daniel Steiger label. The brand also has its line of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

You will have a much better idea of the quality of Daniel Steiger watches after reading the next section.

Are Daniel Steiger Watches Any Good?

Naturally, when reviewing any microbrand, we have to stay realistic and keep our expectations toned.

There’s no point in labeling the brand as junk just because it doesn’t offer the same quality of a product as more recognized watchmakers that cost a few times more.

A fair assessment of the brand’s quality would be to look at the standard it offers when compared to watchmakers in the same price basket.

And that’s exactly what we will do.

So, are Daniel Steiger watches junk or do they provide solid value for money?

Let’s find out.


As it’s usually the case with microbrands, the strongest point of Daniel Steiger watches seems to be their design.

They do look good, and probably above their price tags.

If we were to briefly describe the style of Daniel Steiger timepieces, we’d probably classify them as watches oscillating in the dressy spectrum. There’s a big selection of models with stainless steel and leather straps that won’t look out of place during more formal occasions.

Lately, the brand has also been on the offensive in regards to releasing more sporty models. These usually come with chronograph timers, large dials and silicone bands.

We will have a closer look at the different styles offered by Daniel Steiger further down the article.


Let’s now look at the robustness of elements contributing to the longevity of Daniel Steiger watches.


The dial window is by far the most delicate part of the watch. A cracked crystal will not only be hard on the eyes but can also lead to serious movement damage.

The good news is, all Daniel Steiger watches utilize mineral crystal glass which is the second-hardest crystal used in the industry.

In the ideal world, we’d like the timepieces to be equipped with sapphire crystal but that would be super unrealistic, considering the relatively low pricing of these watches.

In fact, the vast majority of watchmakers operating in this price basket offer the same quality of glass.


Daniel Steiger watches mostly utilize the industry-standard stainless steel material with their cases.

The exact stainless steel type is 316L, known for its great anti-corrosion properties.

A small portion of watch models come with ceramic cases. These are considerably lighter and usually referred to as the “premium type”. Although these are more scratch-resistant than stainless steel, they aren’t as tough.

What is a major plus, the casebacks and crowns are screw-down which boosts protection against water damage.


As already mentioned before, by far the two most common types of straps used by Daniel Steiger are:

  • stainless steel bracelets – the best choice for durability
  • leather straps – the most elegant type

The number of watches with sporty design and features is growing, and so is the number of models utilizing silicone bands.

Water Resistance

All David Steiger timepieces come with some level of water resistance.

At the very least, you can expect the watch to be splashproof (water-resistant up to 30m). In the best case, the timepiece will be water-resistant up to 100m. The vast majority of models come with a 50m water resistance.


Credit where credit is due.

The brand offers a 5-year warranty on all of its watches which should fairly ease the fears of anyone who considers buying the timepiece but isn’t quite convinced yet.

The length of the guarantee period is matched by very few watchmakers in general, never mind microbrands or regular brands operating in the same price category.

The warranty covers the watch movement against manufacturers’ defects for five years from the date of purchase. Naturally, any damage caused by your own negligence won’t be considered for free repair.

Read: Full T&Cs of Daniel Steiger Warranty


The brand has something in store for those who value the unbeatable accuracy of quartz watches and the bigger complexity of automatic movements.

Both movement types can be found across DS collections for men and women.

The brand is said to be using mostly Japanese movements but there are some watch models that run on Swiss calibers (predominantly quartz).

In terms of the movement complexity, it’s hard to say anything more detailed as there’s very little information on the exact calibers utilized by Daniel Steiger.

However, the mere fact of using solely engines from Japan and Switzerland, the two most trusted providers of watch calibers in the world, is a good enough indicator that the brand can be trusted in this field.

After all, it’s not unusual for low-budget watchmakers to install Chinese movements who have far from good reputation in the community of watch enthusiasts.

Daniel Steiger Collections

As far as types of watches go, we can group Daniel Steiger timepieces into 5 main categories that differ in terms of styles and functionalities.

Below find the highest-rated models from each group.

Dual Time Watches

In a way similar to GMT watches, Daniel Steiger timepieces with the dual time function come with additional sub-dials that allow you to track time in a secondary timezone.

It’s a great perk amongst frequent travelers and backpackers who want to stay up to date with time in their homeland.

At the time of writing, there are as many as 30 DS watches with the feature. Actually, the dual-time models are a large chunk of their entire offer.

Because of the inclusion of additional sub-dial(s), these watches come with fairly large cases that measure anywhere from 44mm to 49mm. When it comes to bracelets, the dominant material is stainless steel although there are a few models with leather straps or mesh bracelets.

It’s not unusual for these watches to be equipped with a date window and week calendar.

Dual Time models run on Japanese or Swiss quartz movements.

Price-wise, these models can set you back anywhere between $120 and $250.

Chronograph Watches

The growing collection of sporty timepieces focuses mostly on chronograph models.

These always come with three additional sub-dials measuring hours, seconds, and minutes.

Just like you can see with the model listed below, chronograph watches mostly boast a much more adventurous, some might say futuristic design.

Their biggest characteristics are large cases with raised bezels, luminescent hands and vibrant colors.

All chronograph models possess at least a 50m water resistance, with some offering protection up to 100m.

Because of the chronograph feature, all models are battery-powered (quartz).

Currently, there are around 100 chronograph models to choose from which makes it the largest Daniel Steiger collection.

The cost ranges from $80 to $240.

Rectangular Watches

Another easily distinguishable type of Daniel Steiger watches comes with rectangular cases, very reminiscent of the Tank Solo watch by Cartier.

With small cases and eye-catching ornaments, these watches are nearly exclusively dedicated to ladies.

There are just over 10 watch models like this available, and all are pretty much the epitome of dress watches. The elegant design is always accompanied by either gold-tone mesh bracelets or leather straps.

Most come with simple, legible dials with large Roman numerals, adding to the vintage vibe.

However, as you can see below, there are exceptions to the rule as some models also have a chronograph function.

The majority of DS watches utilize quartz movements – either Japanese or Swiss. There are a few models, however, with Japanese automatic calibers.

These are some of the pricier models and can be snatched for anywhere between $200 and $299.

Square Watches

An even more head-turning design is provided by timepieces with square cases.

Just like with the rectangular type, there isn’t a great number of them available.

And while the rectangular collection is dominated by watches for ladies, the square-shaped models are mostly designed for men.

Design-wise, it’s probably the most futuristic collection.

All square watches come with busily-arranged dials, often featuring 3 sub-dials with either a chronograph or a dual time function. Large glowing-in-the-dark baton indices are another characteristic of the collection, as is the oversized crown.

Without an exception, all square watches are battery-powered.

As far as prices are concerned, prepare to shell out between $180 and $300.

Special Edition Watches

Occasionally, Daniel Steiger releases Special Edition timepieces that are usually available for a short period of time or while stock lasts.

These are usually dedicated to some special cause, such as the Patriot Limited Edition watch you see below.

These watches can come in a variety of styles and use ranging materials, depending on the main theme.

For example, the patriot watch is equipped with an 18k gold-fused case. The leather strap is adorned with badges that are also gold-fused.

Interestingly enough, despite the unique design and premium materials, the current Limited Edition watch isn’t any more expensive than regular Daniel Steiger timepieces. In fact, it’s on the more affordable side.

Where Are Daniel Steiger Watches Made?

Many people think that because Daniel Steiger’s manufacturer, Timepieces USA, is a company headquartered in the United States, the watches are produced there as well.

That’s not the case.

Not unusual for a microbrand, Daniel Steiger delegates the process of manufacturing and assembling its timepieces to manufactories in China. However, the brand doesn’t use any Chinese movements which have far from an excellent reputation.

How Much Are Daniel Steiger Watches?

Daniel Steiger watch price will depend on the type of movement (quartz or automatic), materials, and functions.

However, the brand can be easily classified as low-budget, with some models approaching the mid-budget price points.

The cheapest models can be snatched for the south of $100, while the most pricey timepieces shouldn’t exceed the $500 mark. The biggest number of watches oscillate around the $150-$250 margins, however.

Where to Buy Daniel Steiger Watches?

Daniel Steiger is a brand that sells exclusively online.

As it’s a microbrand still making its baby steps in the industry, you don’t have to worry about coming to a counterfeit product as replica manufacturers much rather concentrate on the most renowned watchmakers.

The first obvious choice is the website of the official Daniel Steiger manufacturer, TimepiecesUSA. The store has the widest selection of timepieces by some distance.

However, lower prices can be found on popular marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay.

Alternatively, you can check whether the brand is listed at any of the popular online watch stores.

Daniel Steiger Watches Review: Conclusion

If you’ve been unsure whether a Daniel Steiger watch is the right fit for you, we hope that today’s article has shed enough light on the American brand to help you make the decision – whatever that turns out to be!

To sum up the Daniel Steiger review, we think it’s fair to say that the brand offers reasonably good value for money.

The microbrand likes to advertise as “affordable luxury”. While this might be a bit of a stretch, Daniel Steiger timepieces often look above their moderate price tags.

Unsurprisingly for an up-and-coming watchmaker, the design is by far the strongest point of the brand. If you’re looking for an elegant, low-risk timepiece that will get you many compliments along the way, Daniel Steiger is far from the worst option around.

Lately, the brand has been also diversifying its portfolio with a line of sporty watches.

The timepieces are pretty solidly constructed considering the relatively low price margins, using robust materials such as stainless steel and mineral crystal dials. Crucially, all are water-resistant to some extent.

The biggest question marks are over the complexity and longevity of movements. Despite the brand stating that the watches utilize solely Swiss or Japanese movements, there’s not a great deal of information on the exact calibers and thus the long-term performance of these timepieces.

All things considered, Daniel Steiger watches are a low-risk investment that can be a great addition for someone building a budget watch collection.

If you’d like to explore more affordable microbrands, consider reading our reviews of Spinnaker, Thomas Earnshaw, Seapro or Reign.

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