Best Watch for Teenage Girls (Top 11 Models for 2023)

Best watch for teenage girls - main image

Decades ago, wristwatches were for the most part worn by adults. These days, and rightly so, there’s no “restriction” on sporting an amazing-looking timepiece. In fact, some parents look for the first watches for their kids as early as preschool! But the biggest spike of watch wearers seems to be in the teenage group, and … Read more

Best ABC Watch for 2022 (11 Altimeter, Barometer & Compass Watches)

Best ABC watch

If in addition to loving wristwatches you’re also an outdoors enthusiast, the chances are that you have come across the term “ABC watch”. And if you haven’t, let us tell you that it has not much to do with the alphabet. ABC watch is a type of timepiece equipped with three sensors that are essential … Read more

Best Seiko 5 Watches (Top 11 Affordable Models for 2022)

Best Seiko 5 watches

Whether you’re a just-getting-started or experienced watch aficionado, the chances are you are familiar with Seiko watches. With the brand’s eventful history dating back to the late 19th century, Seiko is one of the most established watchmakers in the industry. It’s also one of the brands that have had an enormous say in the shaping … Read more

Picking the Cheapest Tissot Watch (Top 7 Models for 2022)

When it comes to affordable watch brands from Switzerland, there are not many that can better Tissot. Not only does the watchmaker offer an excellent quality-price ratio but it’s also one of the oldest hands in the whole horological industry. The Swiss brand has certainly come a long way since its modest beginnings in 1853 … Read more

Best Pocket Watches With Chain (7 Stylish Models for 2022)

Best pocket watches with chain

Pocket watches were already a thing long before the introduction of the world’s first wristwatch. They are considered the oldest type of timepiece in the horological industry. The world’s first pocket timekeeper was invented as early as 1510 by one of the most talented watchmakers of that era, a German named Peter Henlein. The pioneer … Read more

9 Watches That Look Like Cartier Tank (Budget Alternatives)

Watches that look like Cartier Tank

Since the introduction of the first Cartier Tank model in 1917, the unique shape of the watch is still a much-desired quality amongst watch aficionados – whether talking about the male or female community. Louis Cartier, the founder of the French brand and the person behind the iconic model, sought to move away from the … Read more

Picking the Cheapest Citizen Watch (Top 7 Models for 2022)

Cheapest Citizen watch

When it comes to top-shelf watchmakers originating from Asia, there are not many that can better Citizen. After all, the brand belongs to the Holy Trio of well-known and loved Japanese manufacturers that also includes Seiko and Orient. Citizen is also one of the oldest watch brands out there. Throughout its history spanning over a … Read more

Picking the Cheapest Bulova Watch (Top 7 Models for 2022)

Cheapest Bulova watch

Bulova is one of the most popular American watchmakers. It’s also one of the longest-standing watch brands in the world. The New York-based company has many groundbreaking contributions to the horological industry, about which you can read in our Bulova brand review. One of the things people like the most about Bulova is the fact … Read more

Cheapest Iced Out Watches (5 Best Models for 2022)

Cheapest iced-out watches

Shining bright like a diamond. That Rihanna song still rings in my ears 15 years later. Back then, I could only imagine myself with diamond-plated necklaces and timepieces. Nowadays, my imagination is still being kept quite busy. However, there’s a light in the tunnel for me and folks who would love a head-turning, shiny timepiece … Read more

Picking the Cheapest G-Shock Watch (Top 5 Models for 2022)

Cheapest G-Shock watch

Because of the ultra-reliable shock-resistance system, long-lasting battery, and rugged built, Casio G-Shocks are considered some of the toughest watches on the planet. Not without a reason, G-Shocks are one of the most frequently bought timepieces amongst folks working in demanding professions. Military personnel, EMTs, and firefighters particularly love them. If you’re looking for a … Read more

Classiest Men’s Watches for 2022 (10 Models from 10 Brands)

Classiest men's watches

For more than a century now, wristwatches have been an integral part of a man’s outfit. It’s the finishing touch that every man needs. Some even think that the watch you wear tells a lot about your personality. Certainly, a good-looking timepiece goes a long way in completing the desired look – whether your style … Read more