6 Greek Watch Brands (Top Watches Made in Greece in 2023)

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Greece is renowned for its rich history, gorgeous monuments, and status as the foundation of democracies, the Olympics, as well as Western Culture.

The Parthenon here on Acropolis in Athens along with the famous Temple of Apollo situated in Delphi, and also the Temple of Poseidon within Sounion are a few examples of what Greece is famous for.

But what knowledge you might be lacking about Greece is that it is also quite famous for producing renowned watches which offer good quality and longevity without a hefty price tag.

This article is designed to walk you through some of the very best Greek watch brands that you might or might not have heard of.

Greek Watch Brands List

As per the views, Greek timepieces are a good illustration of how to avoid getting carried away with the aesthetic.

They have a clear appeal. Greeks are renowned for their passion for designer clothing. They have superb fashion and design sense, so it’s no wonder that they make some cutting-edge watches.

Each Greek watch company has been added to this list after careful consideration confirming that it provides the full value for money. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list.


Ianos watch

Ianos was created to use the craft of timepieces to deliver hitherto unknown tales of historical significance, research, and mythology to life.

Their watch designs are primarily intended to honor the achievements of their forebears, rediscover them with a contemporary perspective, rebuild antiquated techniques, and upgrade them while always striking an equilibrium between the greatest quality and price.

Their design ideas are influenced by historical truths and antiquated legends that are ingrained in their society and serve as the foundation for their perspective, understanding, and survival. They are currently attempting to reimagine and rethink the basic function and needs of a timepiece, appropriate for daily usage in the twenty-first century.

They are currently attempting to reimagine and reimagine the basic function and characteristics of a timepiece, appropriate for daily usage in the twenty-first century. To achieve this, they concentrate on what performs and have reconsidered what has to alter to provide a wristwatch with a classic aesthetic and a contemporary functional layout.

They hope to produce high-quality Swiss timepieces through the same approach that are both historically influenced and contemporarily styled. IANOS includes everything that distinguishes us from other people: a profound respect for Greco-Roman heritage and history, a sense of permanence and flexibility, and a blend of traditional motivation and modern perspective.

Ianos oversaw all origins and finishes and was aware of both the history and the destiny.

Their watches are mostly placed between the average price range of 1000 CHF as they can be below the range of 675 CHF and as high as 1150 CHF as well. This implies that their watches are not very expensive and offer the best features one can look for in a very affordable price range.


LouAnn watch

In 2004, he created the company LouAnn Watches by merging his own identity Loukas and that of his partner Anna.

In the exact period that LouAnn Transparent, the very first wristwatch, was created. The entirely handcrafted transparent watch, which was (and is now) fashioned of genuine 18k gold as well as exquisite gemstones, was and still is a real premium timepiece.

The LouAnn Balancier was developed in November 2006 in response to high customer requests and to respond to the popularity of the LouAnn Transparent. Industrial innovator Loukas Mainas, a jewelry and wristwatch aficionado, established LouAnn Watches.

The very first Greek wristwatch manufacturer is Louann Watches. The jewelry is handcrafted from priceless 18k gold and has an automated Swiss movement. By definition, Louann wristwatches qualify as distinctive watches.

Loukas Mainas, an innovative artist, had a penchant for both creating timepieces and jewelry. He decided to start a corporation out of his two loves. There are now two categories available: LouAnn Transparent and LouAnn Balancier.

There may be some subtle differences among the watches, but they are all analog, have Swiss mechanisms, and have dials made of scratch-resistant crystal panels. Each version is completely custom, down to the color of the gold, the quantity and variety of valuable gems, the symbol, the specifics of the fasteners, and the style and color of the bracelet.

Their primary goal is to give their customers a fresh viewpoint on television watching. A wristwatch is first and foremost a symbol of elegance for the people at LouAnn.


Breeze watch

Innovative women’s timepieces with a distinctive appearance and high workmanship are made by the firm BREEZE, which was founded in 2013. Breeze offers an astonishing choice of contemporary and fully capable ranges of timepieces and jewelry meant to be worn continually, consistently experimenting with new ideas and fashions.

Jewelry and timepieces should instantly update appearances. Breeze, being a byword for happiness and adaptability, enhances life in any situation and from any perspective. The brand’s sweet & sensual approach is meticulously balanced with jet-set elements to represent urban and sophisticated style at all times.

The world’s most influential media have complimented the brand’s style and dependability, which have dominated the markets. The product selection is now more extensive and seductive than ever.

The BREEZE designing staff consistently produces unique, fun-to-wear, and reasonably priced items that are created with special attention to touch, upholding the company’s tradition of innovation and improvement.

Jewelry and watches must instantly adjust appearances. Breeze creates distinctive watches because she was born to be distinctive. The Greek watchmaker may be relatively new to the market, but they have undoubtedly earned a name for themselves in their niche.

The price of their watches starts from 110 euros and goes all the way up to the range of only 195 euros. This shows that to sport a Breeze watch on your wrist and elevate your looks of the day you will not have to splurge cash at all.

Folli Follie

Folli Follie watch

Mr. Dimitris Koutsolioutsos, Chairman, and his spouse Ketty established Folli Follie in Greece. In the heart of Athens, the very first store opened its doors. The year of their induction, 1982, saw the completion of all of this.

A global contemporary fashionable company called Folli Follie creates, develops, and sells accessories, timepieces, and fashion statements that enhance women’s fashion all over the globe. Folli Follie designs clothing and has more than 550 retail locations in 31 nations.

Their guiding principle is to provide a “complete fashion idea” of fashionable jewelry, timepieces, and collectibles. Their goal is to raise positive vibes. Folli Follie reveals the positive aspect of every woman on earth. The brand is committed to bringing differentiated offerings across all facets, from merchandise to user experience.

The operators of Folli Follie were persuaded to navigate the company image forward into increased classifications of fashion statements and paved the way for the brand’s overseas operations through tactical shop areas after the brand’s commercialization in the extremely competitive Greek jewelry industry was accompanied by an astounding success.

When Folli Follie launched, within and between its first compilations, one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces made of silver merged with Murano crystal and subsequently whole jewelry compilations usually made of metal in silver or gold coloring coupled with precious gems – a trend accompanied by many others – it formed itself as a true visionary in the industry.

The Folli Follie team has been working tirelessly to transform recognizable patterns into distinctive designs that appear across the full line of Folli Follie products.

Folli Follie has several collections available on their website for you to check out. To give you a general idea about their price range; their bracelet watches lie between the price range of 100 euros and go all the way up to a range of 400 euros only.


Oxette watch

In a relatively brief period after its 1998 Athens debut, Oxette caught the considerable interest of people all over the world who like distinctive, classic accessories. Panos Karvounidis with Damianos Lazaridis established Perideo S.A. in 1986 after producing jewelry and wristwatches for ladies.

Thessaloniki serves as the location of the business’s offices. The firm quickly rose to the top places in the global jewelry market. The redesigned Oxette Company was born in 1998. Modern revolutionary concept is included in Oxette watches.

More often than not, Oxette models are used as fashion accessories rather than just timepieces. The business also unveiled a sophisticated chronograph with an avant-garde design. The version is 10 meters of water resistance.

The official website of the firm or any of its stores in Europe or America both sell Oxette watches. The Greek firm Oxette is regarded as a maker of distinctive timepieces and jewelry items created in cutting-edge architectural design.

The core principle of the business is to meet the demands of a modern lady who loves design and wishes to establish her own distinctive brand. The renowned designs of OXETTE are influenced by an innovative and distinctive attitude to the artistic process, creating jewels that combine elegance, adaptability, and allure for relaxed outfits and glitz.

The products of OXETTE are collections of jewelry, watches, and accessories that are thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between contemporary art and worldwide fashion trends.

The price of their watches starts from as low as 34.50 euros and only goes up to the range of 190 euros. This lower price range shows that their products are available in a minimal and quite affordable price range but never do they compromise their durability, quality of the components used, and their promise of longevity.


Loisir watch

Since 2009, LOISIR has expanded globally, adding more than 150 new locations. Their guiding principle is to provide a “new and fashionable idea” of name-brand jewelry, timepieces, and collectibles at competitive costs that meet the demands of men, women, as well as children.

Jewelry, timepieces, and luxury items are designed, created, and sold under the Greek brand LOISIR by Perideo S.A. In Greece, LOISIR designs clothing for even more than 200 points of sale (stores, shops in stores, and corners).

Throughout 2009 and ever since then, LOISIR has expanded globally, adding more than 150 new corners. For young people, Loisir is a cheerful and endearing brand that provides innovative and avant-garde concepts in jewelry, watches, and accessories.

The jewelry from this business is the perfect present because of its unique designs, deft execution, excellent quality, and inexpensive pricing. Loisir has become one of the most well-known and recognizable companies not only in Greece but also internationally as a result.

They provide simplicity at its finest; all of their stylish timepieces are ideal for Fashionistas who are constantly on the go. Their unisex wristwatch elevates unisex fashion to another height with its contemporary design, making it perfect for casual occasions.

Loisir watches are known for being the most affordable yet trendy women’s wristwatch business out there in the market. You can bag most of their products without having to splurge cash, this means that elevating your looks with the help of a minimalistic yet trendy watch will not have you going bankrupt at all now.

All of the watches available on their website are between the price range of 31.20 euros as the minimum range going all the way up to the range of only 88 euros only. Sounds unbelievable right? Considering the current price hikes, Loisir has still managed to keep most of its products in a very affordable price range so that everyone can enjoy their collection.


This article has walked you through some of the most famous and renowned Greek watches.

We hope now that you have had a closer insight into some of the best Greek watch brands, you can say for yourself that they will not disappoint with their exceptional designs and craftsmanship. Let us know if you add a wristwatch to your collection from any of these brands!

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