What Does Quartz Mean on a Watch?

What Does Quartz Mean in a Watch? - featured image

While to say that there are as many types of watches as there are brands would be a stretch, it’s certainly true that there are a lot of different options out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something simple and straightforward or something that’s a little more complicated and intricate, you’re sure to … Read more

Indian Watch Brands (13 Best Watch Companies in India)

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India is widely known for its rich culture and is also well-known for a wide range of things, including its cuisine, customs, the concentration of people, stunning natural scenery, dialects, traditional performances, and Bollywood. Or perhaps the Hindi movie business, yoga origins, meditation, and scenic wonders. We could go on forever, really. But where we … Read more

14 Finnish Watch Brands (Top Watches Made in Finland)

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Finland is best known for its lakes and saunas all of which involve water, but did you know that it also produces some of the world’s popular watches? Finland’s industrious population manufacture some fascinating timepieces. Finnish watch brands appear to be somewhat more distinctive and have their distinctive aesthetic philosophy, in contrast to many other … Read more

Are Fossil Watches Waterproof? (or Just Water-Resistant)

Are Fossil Watches Waterproof? - Featured Image

Without a shadow of doubt, Fossil watches are some of the most stylish and affordable timepieces on the market today. Since its foundation in 1984, the popular American brand has been constantly pushing the boundaries of watch design, and its collections now include some truly unique and eye-catching pieces. Fossil offers a great variety of … Read more

Does Walmart Sell Rolex Watches? (In-Store & Online)

Does Walmart sell Rolex watches?

There’s little doubt that Rolex is one of the most popular, well-known, and instantly recognizable watch brands in the world today. The Swiss company has been making high-quality timepieces since 1905, and its watches are prized for their durability, classic designs, and outstanding craftsmanship. Rolex is perhaps best known for their classic men’s dress watches, … Read more

Canadian Watch Brands (Best Canadian-Made Watches)

Best Canadian Watch Brands

Renowned sites, architectural marvels, delectable cuisine, extraordinary heritage, and then all the recreational adventures one could imagine can be found in Canada. It will be difficult to decide between Canada’s fantastic travel spots, which range from urban excursions in Quebec but also Vancouver to the very famous Rocky Mountains. But, did it ever occur to … Read more