Does CVS Sell Watches? (In-Store or Online)

Does CVS sell watches?

Any outfit, whether you prefer sporty, casual or more elegant style, is bound to benefit from the refinement and sophistication that wristwatches can bring to it. Finding the ideal watch, though, may be challenging. On top of deciding between tens of different watch types, an equally important task is to know where to look for … Read more

How Many Series of Apple Watches Are There? (As of 2022)

How many Apple Watch series are there?

Smartwatches have been taking the wearable gadgets market by storm in the last few years. With features like fitness tracking, notifications, and even mobile payments, it’s no wonder that these devices are becoming more and more popular. One brand that kicked off the whole revolution is of course Apple, with its Apple Watch. Funnily enough, … Read more

Russian Watch Brands (Best Watchmakers in 2022)

Best Russian Watch Brands - featured image

Russia is among the world’s biggest countries, with a long heritage and a diverse cultural population. Conquests, dynasties, and the repressive Soviet regime of the twentieth century shaped its narrative. And now, let’s be honest; whenever we hear about the word Russia, all that comes to our mind is their oh-so-famous vodkas (Fun fact: Did … Read more

Swedish Watch Brands (Best Watchmakers in 2022)

Best Swedish Watch Brands - featured image

When we talk about famous watch brands, let’s be honest, Sweden is not one of the countries to pop into our minds. Although not so well renowned outside, Swedish wristwatch businesses are becoming increasingly well-known. To everyone’s astonishment, Sweden turned out to be an emerging powerhouse for watch innovation, despite being better renowned for its … Read more

Best Danish Watch Brands (Top 32 Danish-Made Watches)

Danish watch brands

Though Switzerland is the first nation that springs to mind when we think about watches, several other European countries, like Denmark, produce high-quality timepieces. Denmark’s little kingdom isn’t only about beer; they also create a lot of timepieces. It would be a shocker if you didn’t discover anything you like among the ever-growing variety of … Read more

All Types of Watches (40+ Different Kinds Explained)

Types of watches

The watchmaking industry has certainly come a long way since the introduction of the world’s first modern timepiece. We as watch enthusiasts have never had a bigger choice of different types of wristwatches which can contrast greatly both in terms of the design and, most importantly, functionalities. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, and … Read more

Best Chinese Watch Brands (Top 17 Watches Made in China)

Best Chinese watch brands

Watches made in China vary from inexpensive knickknacks to several of the world’s most exquisite handmade timepieces. China produces greater than 95% of the world’s timepieces. Many of the world’s most well-known companies manufacture their timepieces in China, either partially or wholly. Almost all watches under $500 are produced in China, notably several well-known Swiss … Read more